About Us

Bootneck Tees returns consisting of two former Bootnecks:

along with other members of the Bootneck Family on the fulfilment side:

  • a T-shirt printer/embroidering/fulfilment, by either Wear Your Brand, (RM WAG) or Jeff Jones of AJ Typesetters…

There is a “fourth” member of this motley crew, 25% of Bootneck Tees net profit is donated to The Listening Post – Veteran’s Circle, a nascent organisation that is soon to launch to help servicemen and their families experiencing homelessness, difficulty adjusting to civvie street and stress in Our Armed Forces, Veterans and Their Families.

BootneckTees will donate 25% of net profits to help support this great cause.

In due course we will be taking in your designs for consideration. If you would like to submit your own design, please use this form, which will follow when we are ready to take them!