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T-shirts for BootNecks, by BootNecks


Bootneck Tees Return

Bootneck Tees Return

OK, so perhaps not quite a sequel, but its is great to be back, albeit with a different team, different business model, differenternt website and software, but still offering exclusive T-Shirts for BootNecks, by BootNecks.   As before the, a graphic designer, a web entrepreneur, and a T-shirt printer are all former Royal Marines and business owners in their own right just the print facility has changed as life got in the way and priorities changed!

The business model and website software has changed, not least the the crowdfunding solution proved less than adequate, so we are, for the moment at least changing the model to offer our designs as a Print on Demand “e-commerce shop”, initially with a limited range of our previous designs.


Our focus is on quality apparel using top quality designs, shirts and printing, with attention to detail and customer service our key focus.  As we don’t sell on e-bay or Amazon, nor try to compete with the “cheap” high volume end of the market.  We ensure we don’t infringe MOD or other Intellectual Property by sourcing our own imagery/designs and feel we can show due provenance of each.

As before we donate 25% of net profit to our chosen charitable cause – a soon to be announced Veteran’s Project.

It is what it is! Nice to be back!