T-Shirts for BootNecks. By BootNecks will be right back. Courtesy of Bootnecktees.com

BNT-at-Christmas-300x300Bootneck Tees is closing for Christmas and will return in the New Year.  All orders have been processed those where there is an issue (card declined, no size, no address have been contacted by e-mail (please check your spam folder!), of attempts have been made to track people down of FB.  Over Xmas – please feel free to leave your details here or on Facebook and we’ll do our best to sort you out.

Over the break Bootneck Tees will look at how the first few months have gone (we have already identified some improvements to be made over the process) and look to update the website – we are waiting some enhanced functionality that won’t be ready for a while), but we hope you will like the updates on our return.


In the mean time, thanks for your custom – Happy Chrimbo