Welcome to Bootneck Tees, a unique “crowd-funding” site offering exclusive T-Shirts for BootNecks, by BootNecks and in the process offering a discount due bulk purchase/printing. All the principals, a graphic designer, a web entrepreneur, and a T-shirt printer are former Royal Marines and business owners in their own right and have formed BootNeck Tees to offer quality designs and T-shirts. As a result, we don’t sell on e-bay or Amazon, using top quality designs, shirts and printing, with attention to detail and customer service our key focus.

Each week we will offer a new BootNeck related design priced at £19.99 including P&P, for a four week period. Therefore, three weeks after we launch, there will be a continual cycle of 4 T-Shirts on offer. Visitors to the site will be invited, to “commit” to a shirt or shirts of their choiceand commit to purchase  if, and only if,  we hit our threshold.  To that extent, “pledgers” will be asked to pre-authorise their credit cards, but these authorisations will not be transacted (card debited) unless we hit the threshold.  If we do, we will claim payment, and print and dispatch that weeks designs within 10 working days.  If not we cancel that weeks offer and the authorisations are cancelled at the same time, you will not be charged.

We have enough designs to last until the New Year and we will shortly be promoting a page that will allow you to submit your own designs for consideration, either as an image, a drawing or just a design brief.  Within 6 months we intend to offer a print your own design on demand (assumes the images are suitable).

So have a look around, and we hope you like the designs – they will make wonderful Christmas presents!

In the meantime, take a look at our Christmas video:

Happy Christmas!